Blynk Plus and new user

I have a Blynk Plus subscription account. I understand that the user permissions are pre-set, and any added user can see all devices. When I add a new user, the user sees nothing in their dashboard; however, I made a new free account just to see what happens if I add a user to the free plan. I was surprised that the user could see the devices added! Would you please advise why my users can’t have devices shown on their dashboards?

User dashboard on his own console

The user at the admin console

Take a look at the Web console > Settings > Access > Roles and Permissions screen.
This will show you the permissions for each type of role with your subscription type.


Thank you, @PeteKnight, for your reply.
As for the plus user, the roles are preset; however, when I add any new user, they can’t see any of the devices. As I mentioned, I have a free plan account. I added a user, and they can see all devices without a problem. I appreciate any advice.

Correct, they are preset until you reach the Pro subscription level or higher, and if you re-read what I wrote you’ll see that I didn’t imply that the permissions are editable for your subscription level.

The permissions in the screenshot apply to OWNED DEVICES, so unless you’ve transferred ownership of these devices to these users then they are irrelevant to your situation. You need to look at the organisation devices if the device ownership hasn’t changed from the default.

It would help if you talked about the role that you’ve assigned to these users, and who owns the devices within the Blynk organisation.


Forgive my slow understanding. So, in my Plus plan, the user can’t see the device unless I transfer it to them; in this case, will I be able to see it, too? And why the free plan is better in this matter.

thank you,

Once again, that’s not what I said.

Look at the permissions for the various roles relating to Organisation devices and choose one which suits your requirements.


I still do not have an answer, and I do not understand why you assume I am stupid and do not understand how to set up a user. I need some respect for your tough answers. It is easy
1- Plus plan, new users can’t see any devices, Empty dashboard.
2- Free plan; can see devices without any problem.
So, How do I make the users I added to my Plus plan able to see devices?

Wow! I’m not sure where that came from.
Time for me to walk away from this one I think.

Good luck!


Hi @haypackup,

At the moment, the User sees only devices for which he is the owner. Therefore, you need to transfer those devices that you want the user to see to this user.