Blynk Plan

I want to create a GPS project and I need the map widget in Blynk and it is only available in the pro plan I am only 1 user and the pro plan is for 100 users is there a way to buy the pro plan for less than 100 users because if there is another plan the price will be lower than the price of 100 users. Pls help

There is no alternate.

Thanks for responding. I have another question is the map widget only available in the pro plan or is it also available in the Maker Plan. And is there a discount for students?

Pro plan.

if you go to the website:

and click the little “i” symbol next to each of the widget types you’ll see a list of what’s available,

Not as far as I know.
Discounts for educational institutions was discussed once, but I don’t think it ever happened.