Blynk Plan Not Changed

Recently, I just buy BLYNK maker plans but when I checked out my account it doesn’t changed yet, what should I do?

Hello @ray. Thanks for report. We will check you subscription

My blynk account is My team decide to re-buy maker plan and it’s work, but as you can see we lost our money in the first attempt so I hope we could have it back.

@ray Do you see a free plan in this account? In mobile app or web console?

at the first attempt, both device show as free plan

@ray in billing page? Can you attach a screenshot from billing page mobile/web?

That was picture of 1st attempt, but our balance has been deducted.

this our second attempt after rebuy the plan

@Ray, I’ve increased your privileges here on the forum so that you can now send Private Messages.

I’d suggest that you PM @Oleksii-QA with details of the payment receipts, and make it clear whether you made these payments via the app (and whether that was via Google or ApplePay) or by credit card via the web console.



I suppose a different user re-bought it, and it is now a subscription in that user’s Play Store?
If you go to Play Store → Payment and Subscriptions → Subscriptions, what does it show there? Does it have Blynk IoT with that Maker plan you’ve tried to buy?

The Error screen from your screenshot is part of Play Store UIs, so we did not receive success from it. I suppose either the Play Store will refund the purchase by itself in 2-3 days, or if the subscription is available in the Play Store Subscriptions list - there should be an option for a refund as well.