Blynk & OwnCloud server on Raspberry Pi


I currently has Blynk local server run on Raspberry Pi 3, I would like to configure “Owncloud” on the same Raspberry Pi that has Blynk on it, can it be done?

Maybe… Both processes should be independently running and I don’t see any relevance between them… so… have you tried?

Hi Gunner,

Thank you for your responses.
No, I haven’t try it yet, I want to confirm with the expert before I do as I don’t want to break my Blynk server.

Have anyone have Blynk and Owncloud on the same Raspberry?

Is there a way to backup Blynk local sever? (Just in case thing went wrong)

A RPi is a mini computer… it can run many different programs and processes at the same time… just like the big boys.

Finding someone who has ran that exact combination might take longer than simply trying so yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Searching :wink: this forum will show a few options… but basically I just use WinSCP on my PC and copy the Blynk folder whenever I think about it (like now :blush: ). Then, if after reinstalling the Local Server, I can just copy the backup data over and carry on.

@key: I have Owncloud and other web sites running in parallel on RPI and also on a hosted virtual server for quite a while without any problems.

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Thanks Gunner and IBK

Today, I have finished setting up the OwnCloud in parallel with Blynk, everything is working great.

I have another question, I had 32Gb Micro SD that hold Blynk and OwnCloud, why my available space only had about 13Gb left? Is that normal?

Define normal… if you are doing something that stores 19Gb of stuff (programs, Raspbian stuff, etc… ), then yes… We don’t know what is using all the space… only you can find that out. How much space did OwnCloud take?

If however you ment is Blynk taking all that space… well, again, only you can tell by checking the sizes of files and folders in your Blynk folder: Your user file, backup folders, logs, and so on. Did you install a DB when you installed Blynk? If so, then perhaps it has been saving all your vPin data?

great @Gunner so are we expecting “Blynk Local server update and backup for dummies” tutorial from you soon ?:grinning: i think the forum need such pinned post