Blynk on Particle Photon

The Spark Core Blynk library is compiling on the beta Photon firmware and seems to run once downloaded to a Photon. However, when I run my app on an Android tablet, it says “Your Spark Core is not in network”. Is there something in the library/server that looks for a Core “signature” that I need to change or spoof (if possible)?

Could you send us the Serial output from the device?

Well, it compiles, flashes and with debug turned on, prints nothing to Serial (!) This is using the latest “develop” branch of the firmware. Compiling the code for the Core also does not work. However, compiling with the existing IDE (v0.3.4) Core code works. Compiling with the IDE to a Photon target gives the following errors regarding htons and ntohs not being declared. So, close but no cigar :flushed: