Blynk on iPhone updates widget only when is active in foreground

Hi Blynk,

First of all - I love Blynk! Amazing application!!

I have some questions though.

1: I use an Arduino and some external hardware to monitor the temperature in one of my rooms. To save some power I only sample data from the sensor every other minute and write it to the virtual pin. But it seems to me that the Blynk app only receive these data if it is active in the foreground while the data is being written to the virtual pin instead of just having the last sampled temperature showed.

I know I could solve this by sampling more frequently, but it should not be necessary.

2: As I would like monitor the temp. and humidity in the basement, it would be nice to log data and be able to graph them, but with the graph widget I have the same problem as above. And also I would like to show two datasets in one graph e.g. the humidity and temperature that have been logged overnight.

Can anyone help me with this?


Hello, thank you for feedback! For logging we have History Graph (on Android it is present already, for iOS under development now). History Graph for Android now in test mode, so available only for early registered users, will be enabled for all in next few days.

Hi Dmitriy,

I’m on iOS, so looking forward to the history graph there!

How about the temp. value that does not update unless I’m actually in the app?
My value widget is set to push, and in my Arduino code I’m running a code to grab a new sample every other minute and write it to the value widget’s virtual pin.
Am I doing this wrong or why doesn’t value update in the background?

You’re ok here. This feature (take latest state from server when app online) is not done yet. We will implement it after “Sharing” feature. Sorry for inconveniences.

Alright thanks.
And one last thing - are you working on a application for apple watch?
Would be amazing to have the possibility to implement buttons, that could be pushed from the watch.

No. Maybe someday in future =).