Blynk on Galaxy S5 doesn't work properly


I’ve some troubles with Blynk on my Galaxy S5. When i put a widget on the sketch, i can’t setting up, or drag n drop.
I’ve tried to make some handling but doesn’t work, like hold my finger on the widget or press the option button of my phone.

Blynk app is properly connected to my raspberry pi (no error message), but widget doesn’t work so…

Someone found solution to this problem ?

Can you please show us a video, or explain what do you do step-by-step?

  1. I open the app
  2. I click on the dashboard and I can see widgets on the left…


Are you in Play or Stop mode in the app? You can only configure widgets in stop-mode, not when connected to Blynk server.

I handled my phone and i have a lot of troubles in other application, like button don’t work, option don’t appear, etc.
I think the problem is from my phone because i’ve try with the galaxy 5S mini of my girlfriend and it’s work… i can turn on a led to my raspberry pi :smile:

I’m going to update my phone, or maybe format is trouvbles persist.

I’m using blynk and the S5 and don’t have this problem.
Its probably just your phone. Sorry

FWIW. I’ve got Blynk running on my iPhone6 (works fine), but when I load my profile on my Galaxy Tab 8, nothing works. The project loads but buttons and LED’s do nothing.