Blynk notifications to singular email from any and all devices - not to user?

I am trying to set it up so that any time any machine has a malfunction detected by the code, it sends an email to our maintainence and support team, and doesnt alert the user. I am understanding how to set up notifications (via events) - But it only lets you send emails or events to device owner. Adding another email to the field simply doesnt work and only lets you select from a drop down, which only has “device owner” … any ideas how to implement this, or what can be done to select the email? Thanks!

We have a similar issue and would like to add another (User was Active in Blynk )… GeorgeChen

I guess it would help if you explained the type of Blynk subscription you have (presumably PRO as this sounds like a commercial application) and how your organisation and sub-organisations are configured, where this device and it’s user sit within that organisational structure, and any other pertinent information.
Understanding why the user owns the device would also be useful, I guess.



You need to enable the “Notifications Management” option in the event settings.

Then, in the menu: Dashboard - Notifications & Events - Notification Settings, you can select any user in the organization.

Dmitriy from Blynk