Blynk notifications don't appear

Hello Blynks, I have my project of water level, working fine, but some times the blynk notifications don’t work correctly, some times when turn on screen the notifications appear, other time only when open the Blynk app, I searched in the community but don’t find similar problems.

It’s possible solve this?


Not with the limited information you’ve provided.


You could try setting the message priority to High, as shown in the documentation.

The link to the details, are not working.

Works for me. This is what it says…

Push Notifications

Push Notification widget allows you to send push notification from your hardware to your device. Currently it also contains 2 additional options:

  • Notify when hardware offline - you will get push notification in case your hardware went offline.
  • Offline Ignore Period - defines how long hardware could be offline (after it went offline) before sending notification. In case period is exceeded - “hardware offline” notification will be send. You will get no notification in case hardware was reconnected within specified period.
  • Priority high priority gives more chances that your message will be delivered without any delays. See detailed explanation here.

WARNING : high priority contributes more to battery drain compared to normal priority messages.

Example code:

Blynk.notify("Hey, Blynkers! My hardware can push now!");

You can also use placeholder for device name, that will be replaced on the server with your device name:

Blynk.notify("Hey, Blynkers! My {DEVICE_NAME} can push now!");


  • Maximum allowed body length is 120 symbols;
  • Every device can send only 1 notification every 5 seconds;

Sketch: PushNotification


Pete, when you push this link right where what you have??

Priority high priority gives more chances that your message will be delivered without any delays. See detailed explanation here.
Can you explain if I’m wrong saying that link don’t work??

Sorry,I don’t understand the question.


The link in the part that describes High Priority gives a 404 error. This link looks to have pointed to a page on the Google Developers Site. It has most likely moved. I am sure if one were to search “high priority message” on the google developers site, that page could be located.

I suspect it just explained what makes the message come through faster than a normal priority, as it relates to the google server side of things. More of an inner workings of sort.

I suggest the that @Robertofz just gives it a shot (setting to high priority, that is) to see if it solves the issue.

Thanks @Toro_Blanco

I believe this is what the other link was showing.