Blynk Notification- Specify by Device

I have one Blynk app that has three devices connected to it. A Particle Photon, a NodeMCU and a Wemos D1 mini pro. The Wemos notifies me if the mailbox door is opened. When the door is opened the reset pin goes to ground and wakes up the Wemos D1 mini pro. It then connects and sends me a notification and goes into deep sleep.

The problem is when it shuts off, the app will notify me it went goes offline. Since I know it is going offline I don’t need to know but I do want to know when the other two devices go offline.

The Wemos runs off a battery. I could code it so it wakes up periodically, or add a solar panel, or extend the notification to 24 hours but I trying to avoid these workarounds.

Is there any way to have offline notification for two devices and not the other in the same app ?

Thank you.

Hello. Not right now. Notifications settings are per project and not per device.

Thank you.

Make a different project for it and use the Bridge widget to get the info you want, though I can imagine you’d only want the new mail notification, so it wouldn’t be that difficult to put in a seperate project.

Great idea. That’s what I’ll do.
I thought of using IFTTT but this is better.