Blynk not working with ESP-01S microcontroler

I am using ESP-01S microcontroller.

The Blynk IoT app is not working in my android mobile (Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G; Android Version: RKQ1.211001.001).

After creating the template and Data Streams in the Web Console, with ESP8266 as hardware and after uploading tbe code in the microcontroller (modifying the BlynkEdgent example), the mobile is not detecting when I click on rhe “New Device”. The micro controller’s WiFi hot spot is not shwoing up in the WiFi settings in my mobile.

The Settings.h tab in the BlynkEdgent example does has board definition only for NodeMCU. I tried both NodeMCU as well not selecting any board in the code. No use.

Web Dashboard is working fine. I am unable to create the mobile dashboard.

Can someone please help.

The ESP-01 only has two available GPIO pins, and Edgent requires two pins, one for the button to clear the credentials and the other for the indicator LED.
This leaves you with zero GPIOs to control external devices with.

That means you probably have to use a regular Blynk sketch rather than Edgent, or use a board with more GPIO pins broken-out to physical pins, such as the NodeMCU or ESP32.

There could be a number of reasons why this is happening, but without seeing the .ino file from your sketch, along with your serial monitor output, it’s difficult to say what’s happening.

More info on possible causes here…