Blynk Node-red MQTT

I got a question regarding NR/MQTT/Blynk. I have some of my devices switched over to running MQTT direct to node red. However 1 “buzzer” device is not, it is running Blynk and connected to NR via virtual pins. I have a different esp picking up a 433 signal and sending it to NR which triggers the virtual pin on the Blynk “buzzer” device. This is working correctly as the button state changes on the app but for some reason it is not triggering the buzzer on the IO pin. I am guessing this is because it just triggers the Blynk app direct and doesn’t send the message to the device, does this make sense?

Hmmm, maybe :crazy_face:

I think it may be because Blynk sees this trigger as being generated by the same device, so doesn’t generate a BLYNK_WRITE(vPin) callback to avoid the possibility of an endless loop.

I think the solution is to either use the Bridge node, or have a small delay after the VPin is triggered followed by a Sync node.

Or, you could just update your buzzer device to MQTT.


That’d be the best but with my dicey router and or internet connection the blynk connection direct works better than Blynk through NR.

The sync node seems confusing to me. Are you using it at all?

Do you really mean the Sync node?
I find the Bridge node very confusing, but have only really used it one as a test for someone having similar issues to you. As far as I recall I just put the same Auth code in there and it worked.

I think this is the neater solution…


Simply write the data to the pin, then after a delay do a sync on that pin. The 500ms I’ve used is an overkill though I think.
And this is how the Sync node is set-up, just in case you really did mean that and not the Bridge.