Blynk No internet connection and no computer


Where do I want to run my project I have a router with WiFi, but I do not have an Internet connection and I do not have a computer, is it possible to run the Blynk APP ???

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If you don’t have an internet connection then you will need to run the Blynk server on a local “computer”.

Computers start from around $5 these days.

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@BlackTiger: Just curious, if it is not restricted info: Where are You from?
Local servers -and how to do it- are explained in docs (

Thanks Costas for answering me, two more questions:

1º) Where do you find such cheap computers ???.

2º) The Blynk server in which operating systems it works ??

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Spain, why ??


  1. Raspberry Pi Zero and Onion Omega.

  2. Pretty much any OS as it is written in Java.

But remember @Costas and @BlackTiger that neither of these are “out of the box” solution! The rasp. pi zero has NO NETWORK connection (it needs to be added) and the Omega? Well, I don’t know this one. It does have wifi, but needs some board to connect everything (only pin headers there as I see) and… I’m not sure, does it contains Java RE, as Raspberry does? The Rasp. has also hdmi output (even zero), and in Omega only console.
The easiest solution would be to use some old PC (I’m almost sure You will find something in Your box, or maybe some friend of yours has some) or Raspberry Pi with full set of interfaces (the 3 costs a “bit” more than zero though).
@BlackTiger I was curious, why You have Internet connection issue, and I’m bit surprised that it happens in Spain. Are the reasonable GSM solutions expansive there (be it 10-20GB)?

@marvin7, @BlackTiger,
These days I’m using an Orange Pi Zero (512Mb) with Wi-Fi and Ehternet (12€ delivery included). The SD was 4€ (16Gb) so you can run your local server for 16€ in total.
I’m not a Linux user (just a newbie) but I have been able to install the Local Server and it’s working properly.


PS: I’m from Spain also and I have no internet issues… I guess it depends where you live (small village??)

@marvin7 I don’t know of any computers that do very much out of the box. They all need setting up in some way, like adding a $2 WiFi adapter to the Pi Zero. AFAIK there aren’t any computers that have a Blynk server pre-installed. PC’s in terms of energy used to run them is not something I would consider for a Blynk server.

Yes, that is for sure drawback of this solution. And what about Omega and Java RE?

Blynk server runs on the Omega.

My project I want to install it in a house in a small village where I only go on vacation, so there I do not have an internet connection, nor a permanent computer, that’s the reason.

Thank you all.

Please psoro.

Can you tell me where you bought your Orange Pi Zero ??.

I would also like to know if they already come with the operating system, or you had to install it. ???

Thank you.

@BlackTiger does the village location have 3G / 4G GSM network?

What kind of project are you considering?

In principle automate the garage, turning on and off lights, both the exterior and the interior, and opening and closing the doors. Perform a weather station, and finally automate the rest of the house as much as possible.

You can find HERE the shop where you can find it.

Keep in mind this board is NOT as friendly as Raspberry Pi, at the moment you can install Lubuntu or Debian as operating system. I have been fighting with Debian to be able to Run the Local Server more than expected…(I’m NOT a Linux guy…)

If you are newbie using Linux I would rather use the Pi Zero instead adding a Wi-Fi dongle. I did a tutorial for the Pi Zero to install the Server. You can find it HERE

Thanks for your help psoro, I think I choose the Rasberry Pi, because with Pi Zero seems complicated to make it work, or even buy a mini PC with Windows.

Greetings and thank you

:scream: a sledgehammer to crack a nut…

IMHO the Raspberry is a good choice, I have been using the old Raspberry Pi B+ and works like a charm for the Local Server…


Is it an idea to create a sort of installer package to embody the Blynk server and/or Java? To make things easier for local users who want to run stuff on a Pi or other Linux distro’s.

I’m not sure how to do that, but it can probably be done easy with an installer script and some sort of scripts for starting/updating the server. I got most of those ready, but not in a complete package.

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Very nice idea!
Giva us a liitle “light” …

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