Blynk.NCP - connect any hardware with Network Co-Processor

Hey Blynkers,

Excited to introduce Blynk.NCP - a new solution that unlocks the full power of Blynk.Edgent for any hardware without limits!


Network Co-Processors are often used for building and retrofitting commercial products - when reliability, resources, and time to market are crucial. Choose Blynk.NCP path for your IoT solution if:

  • You’re building a new IoT product with specific requirements for the Primary MCU, so you’re adding a separate connectivity module
  • You are using Blynk for retrofitting your existing products
  • You have included an AT command-based module, but you struggle to make it work right or to achieve your product goals
  • You are looking to reduce risks, integration efforts, and time to market, along with improved reliability of your products
  • You have a dual-MCU IoT prototyping board and want to connect it to Blynk in a flash.

More in our recent blog.

Try it now and don’t forget to share your experience with Blynk community here!


Blynk is moving very fast with iot development on its service
Given how easy it is to interface to blynk and Edge-based AIoT just around the corner.
Both a network co-processor and blynk service could make this happen.
It has a Danger…
We run edge IOT now with co-processors and it expands a basic service into AI control.

Will we see blynk also moving into AI as well and give AI access via its network co-processor development work?
Do we need to give access to your toaster other than with basic IOT ?
AIoT technology may come back and bite you if you do…

This is similar to saying that “the knife cuts” someone, and “the gun shoots” someone. Forgetting, that this is just a tool.
No, Blynk is not adding any of the AIoT components to the NCP. However, you can still add AIoT functionality to your product, if you wish.