Blynk Mobile Android developer mode template

Hi, I have problem create template on a Child organization. On the web dashboard y already create the datastream and widgets on this child organization. Now, in the mobile app, i cannot enter in develpoer mode to create the template in mobile version, screenshot child organization:

I could’n add device from template beacuse i can’t create a template from developer mode.

In the main organization, i can see the template created on the child organization. I think thats is not correct, but, you could tell me?
Thanks :grin:

Screenshot Main organization:

Organization can have only one developer account.

I am the developer for all organizations. It’s the same acount.

That’s strange, which version is it? We have uploaded a new 1.5.0 version to Play Store - it should be already available to a part of the users, and will be available during the weekend. If the problem will persist in that version too - please update this thread.

Hi. Thanks for reply! I have 1.3.13 (03/05/2022) versión.

The problems persist.

Nobody …
The OS it’s MIUI 11.0.11 but y have test it on iPhone and the problem persist.

I think that it’s a bug for create a template inside a sub-organization.

Anybody knok how to change the tag of this topic?