Blynk migration offer on website, but URL broken

Hi all,

I just received a notification that an offer of 50% discount when migrating from Blynk 1.0 to Blynk 2.0 is available. I’d like to use that.
This new notification contains a link to:

In the chapter of “Promotion for Legacy Users” there is a link with text Blynk.Console I click, which sends me to:

But then says it’s a broken URL.

Same in an incognito window (Chrome).

I’d like to make use of the promotion, please let me know how.

Create a free Blynk account at, launch the dashboard ( and go to Tools > Billing.

When you choose to Upgrade from your free account then you should see a field where you enter the promo code.
Make sure you choose Annual billing though, otherwise I think the code just gives a 50% discount on your first month.


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And how can I migrate my existing projects from old into new platform (free plan)? I also have many unused credits purchased

@monaco it’s not good practice to hijack other people’s topics, especially when your question isn’t really related to the original topic.

I’d suggest that you start by reading the Blynk IoT documentation. If you still have issues then create a new “need help with my project” topic and provide ALL of the requested information, along with details of the issues that you’re having and any additional information that may be helpful.

Those credits are of no use in Blynk IoT, but as a Legacy user you should have received a discount code for the Blynk IoT Plus or Pro plans.


Hi Pete,

Thanks. Yet, I may be overlooking something
I see the field to enter a promo code in Billing for Annual, sure, but where do I find the code?
It wasn’t in the notification I got on my phone (see pic), and also when I launch the Blynk legacy app, I can’t find it.

I’ve sent you PM with the code.


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Good evening,
I confirm that I also have the same problems, the notification disappears and it is impossible to recover it.

Same problem for me. I received the 50% offer notification but I can’t get the code.
Please PM or e-mail the code or create a working link for us legacy users to access.
Thank you.

I’m happy to send people the 50% discount code by PM, but to do that I need a PM showing a screenshot with a Legacy energy balance greater than 2000, and a screenshot of the About screen to prove that this is a cloud server account rather than a local server account.

Please don’t post these screenshots to the public forum, they will simply be deleted.



Pete, there is significant difference between discount promo code and purchased credits. I had quite a lot of value in credits, but discount is the same for all…

But this is not the largest issue. Even if I got 50% discount, I still need to pay another 50% even if I already paid a lot!

I paid to use the service and my payment should be used to keep using it!

You’re writing this as though I am in some way connected with Blynk, or in the pricing decision making process - I’m not.

I simply saved the promo code information when it was sent out and am willing to share it via PM with anyone who can prove (also via PM) that they meet the criteria of previously having purchased energy from Blynk.

If you’re not happy about the pricing structure then you should address your unhappiness to the Blynk staff. But, as you’ll see if you do a search of previous posts, the 50% discount offer is the best one you’re going to get.



Hello. Could I get promocode for 50% for legacy user or it is too late?
(I have Blink 1 with energy)

I have the same question. Now I am transferring my projects from the previous version of the application to the new one, I am going to purchase a subscription. Is it possible to get a discount for old users? Used the old app since 2018

The discount period for Legacy users ended at the end of August.


Actually @Curtis1258 you might be in luck. I read in that blog article that they will open another promotion before the app/server is shut down permanently. I quote:

We have offered multiple discounts in the new Blynk app for the legacy Energy purchasers and will open up another promotion before the legacy app gets fully shut down.