Blynk Map Interface update from blynk-library-python

I am trying to update the Blynk Map position from python using virtual write but has not been able to do this. Is the python library virtual write supporting multiple values or just a single one?

The code below works OK from Arduino:

int index = 1;
float lat = 51.5074;
float lon = 0.1278;
Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, index, lat, lon, "test");

Trying a similar approach with python does not work.

index = int(1)
lat = float(51.5074)
lon = float(0.1278)
value = str('test')
blynk.virtual_write(1, index, lat, lon, value)

Gives the following error:

blynk.virtual_write(1, index, lat, lon, value)
TypeError: virtual_write() takes exactly 3 arguments (6 given)

Also tried to combine arguments as tuples, but was not successful.
If anyone knows how to accomplish this or know a good workaround, I would appreciate your input!

Im stcuk in the the same issue. any hont now 2021 ?