Blynk local server


Personally I think it’s not fair to Blynk to “advertise” other platforms here.

The main reason why I use Blynk is it’s cloud server, so I can reach my devices, from outside my network, safely and stable. No need to open ports etc. which is needed with a local server or spnerhing like Virtuino and could be unsafe.
Second is the looks and easiness of Blynk.

Node-Red with Blynk (which I use to communicate with my Siemens Logo 8) is an very easy and strong combination.

To be honest, the people who are discussing other platforms here are those who have tried those other platforms and keep coming back to Blynk - otherwise they wouldn’t be here.

I looked at a lot of other platforms when Blynk 2.0 was launched, mostly because I needed some way of integrating Node-Red with the new Blynk app and the old node-red-ws-contrib didn’t work with Blynk 2.0
I’d eventually decided that I’d switch to a variation of the Node-Red dashboard, but then gab.lau re-wrote his node-red contrib to work with Blynk 2.0

Blynk 2.0 is still a much better option than anything else that’s out there in my opinion, which is why I’m still here.


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i do don’t think what @PeteKnight and @Blynk_Coeur said was advertising rather it was a feedback for blynk developers to improve

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we are on this community to exchange our point of view and compare our experience.
For now, Blynk 2.0 remains the best alternative to Blynk 1.0
And I hope they listen to our expectations, even if their primary goal is business.