Blynk Local Server + Tor Hidden Service?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to run blynk local server as a tor hidden service? I.e. can I forward the Blynk app port from my server and connect remotely using an onion link in the Blynk android app (while running blynk through Orbot’s vpn, of course)?

Has anyone tried this or known why it may not work?



You can have different hidden services on your server besides http (ssh, ftp etc.) so I don’t think that part is any problem.

I guess it all depends on how you can tweak Orbot to work with the Blynk app, and forcing it to stay on the Tor network. The VPN features of Orbot doesn’t help you.

I think it’s plausible, albeit overkill! :stuck_out_tongue: So dig into the docs, put up a server and try try try. If it works, write up a HOWTO and earn some brownie points amongst your peers! :+1:

The Onion networks prone to latency might be a problem. Perhaps?!

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