Blynk local server security

I would like to connect to my local blynk server from mobile app from Internet. I planned to do it through forwarding one port 9443 from router to inside network to local blynk server. Is blynk server is secure enough to put directly that port to Internet?
Thx for advice

Heh, I guess we- the community- are not proper recipients of that question. Unless some hackers are lurking here somewhere… Who knows. I do have Blynk port open to outside world, and STILL have all my files on both 24/7 samba “servers” untouched. I guess it doesn’t mean too much, but still- I’m not gonna to kill that connection

you can white-list the IPs that can get access to server admin page.

Difficult to whitelist as ip will be dynamic. If you can establish a VPN, that would be a better bet.