Blynk local server on Onion Omega2+

Has anyone setup an Onion Omega as a Blynk local server and if so, are they able to describe the setup process?
After following some excellent tutorials and instructions, I have managed to use a Blynk local server running on a RPi for a number of projects but, as a novice, I’m lost without instructions.

Does your Omega meet the requirements? Guessing Java might be a problem!?

Lack of Java availability was also my guess but, as I don’t really know what I’m looking for, I could have been searching in the wrong place, with the wrong search terms.

As far as I understand it, the Onion Omega2+ has a MIPS32 architecture and looking on the OpenJDK web site, Java has not been ported to the MIPS32 architecture yet [late 2019].

Several years ago, there was mention [on this forum] of using the Onion Omega2 as a Blynk local server but I would imagine that the lack of responses confirms that this was not attempted or completed.

I appreciate the confirmation that I was probably on the right track.

Searching the forum, it looks like @Costas got it to work (Node js?) so perhaps it’s not impossible :slight_smile:

Onion have a basic tutorial:

That’s about how much I can help you. Onion Omega seems outdated and I don’t use Node.js myself. :neutral_face: