Blynk local server address is not local

I’ve tried twice to install the local server on Windows 10. first using “blynk-server.jar” and then “server-0.42.26.jar”.
Instead of seeing a 192 address I’m getting “Region : local. Host :”
Where am I going wrong please?

Interesting IP address, it belongs to the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall. Maybe big brother is watching?

What version of Java are you running?



Hi Pete

Java 11.0.11
I use Blynk with an ESP32 for a 24x7 control application. It has a bug and drops out every 2 or 3 days. I thought it would be easier to clone the Blynk part and run it locally to try and located the fault.

That’s usually caused by badly structured code.

I always run my local server on a Pi rather than a Windows machine, so can’t offer much advice about getting that side of things working I’m afraid.


“Finding a bug” - “badly structered code” As I mentioned at the outset, that’s the reason i want to operate a local server.
Thanks for the tip re running on a Pi, I’ll try that.

I don’t really consider badly structured code to be a bug, and moving to a local server won’t allow you to find the fault, it will simply tend to be more tolerant of these coding issues. That’s not to say that the problem will go away entirely when using a local server, it will simply be more difficult to solve because you’ll have to wait longer to see if the failure occurs again.

You might be better putting time into identifying and fixing the problem with the code - assuming that this is actually the issue.

Having a cluttered void loop, coinciding timers, or timed functions that take too long to execute are usually the first place to look.
If you want to post your code then we’ll take a look if you wish.

Obviously, if you’re committed to sticking with Blynk Legacy then a local server is a good way to extend the life of your project.


My application is live and I do not want to strop it running. I thought I would clone it and run it with some error reporting.
Unfortunately the main point of my post has been lost. Why does the Blynk local server not give me a local IP address?

You could do that without creating a local server.

It should do. That IP address may be the loop all address of which I don’t think works with Windows, or the IP address of the device. If your device has multiple network interfaces then it will be the eth0 interface that the server will bind to by default.
As I said, I have no experience of running local server under Windows, but if the server Is running then you simply need to find the IP address of the machine and use that.