Blynk local server 0-36-4-java8

With this version of server all my ESP8266 do not connect, any ideas?

with that same server all my ESP8266 do connect.

and I guess that answer is about as helpful as your question. You might want to be a bit more elaborate (e.g. share code, description of situation etc.)

In the mean time: revert to an older server version until you’ve resolved the isseu.

My six ESP8266-12 all connect on latest local server.

It’s exactly what I did, returning to the old version the ESPs connect correctly

What is the prev. server version?


Use port 8080

New server moved to 8080 as default hardware port instead of old 8442.

Ok so I have to recompile everything with this new library?

probably better, but you could remap the external 8442 port to 8080 in your router.

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