Blynk live stream using rtsp server widget not working

I am trying to configure a live video stream widget in Blynk that uses rasp server camera. I am using instructions given in this video tutorial but somehow it is not working so far. My rasp camera is installed on Huawei Honor 8 & Blynk app is on Huawai Lite 20.

video tutorial:

The connection of Blynk app to camera server is not instantiated. I tried to connect both mob to same wifi connection using another phone as hotspot so they are on same network but still no success.

What should I look that may went wrong to start the live stream.

Have you tried asking the youtuber who created the tutorial?


No really. But I had it working with esp8266 earlier. Now using with Arduino MKR1010 and its not working so far. Only problem I guess is with specification of RTSP camera server. As with esp8266, earlier it was not working but with some tweaking of spec, it started eventually.

It’s solved. The video tutorial is enough, may be not said in the video link but you need to be on same network, i.e. the RTSP camera server and Blynk app using device for it to work.