Blynk like Apple HomeKit?

Hi Blynkers ,

Could Blynk use Siri, in the case of Apple devices, to control our widgets with voice commands like Apple HomeKit? It would be great.

Thank you.

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someday in future - for sure.

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Siri has no open API, so it seems to be impossible for now. However there might be other 3rd party voice services that we might use in future.


it is possible. Siri not necessary in that case.

And how could it work with third-party applications? The voice command system would be implemented in Blynk app? If Siri would be used … Would it work on devices with a jailbreak tweak? Is only an extravagant idea.


Voice recognition and Siri it’s total different things. Siri is voice recognition + wolfram search + text voice for search results.
While for what you want we need only voice recognition and there are a lo libraries for that. No jailbreak required.

Homebridge plugin for the Blynk platform:

Have been using homebridge with Blynk for a couple of days now, the only issue I have is that sensor data does not refresh automatically. I have to either close the Home app on the iOS device or ask siri. Both of these actions poll the Blynk server for updated data. Is there a way to poll automatically with a certain preset interval? For example, temperature can be polled every second and updated in Homekit on iOS… any ideas?

@kdubovenko This topic is over two years old, and you already have a topic of your own on this subject… Please stick within your topic (as far as posting questions about it), thanks.