Blynk library v1.3.2 and Blynk.NCP v0.6.3 released

Blynk library v1.3.2 and Blynk.NCP v0.6.3 are out.

In this release

  • Arduino UNO R4 WiFi Blynk.NCP support:
    • Renesas RA4M1 firmware upgrade Over the Air (thanks @Juraj) :tada: :fire:
    • Stability improvements for Upload via USB and Serial Monitor
  • General optimizations and bugfix
    • Fixed found regressions of v1.3.0
    • Fixed dstrtof and atoll issues on some platforms
    • Fix for rpc_blynk_syncVirtual (it was unusable)
    • rpc_blynk_configReset now also clears all configured networks
    • rpc_blynk_factoryReset now also erases FS
    • Memory footprint and code generator optimizations
    • Improved examples

The release will soon be available in Arduino Library Manager, PlatformIO Registry, and Particle Cloud.