Blynk Library v0.4.7 is released [Arduino, Energia, Particle, MBED, OpenWrt]

In this release

  • New hardware:
  • Improvements:
    • SimpleTimer replaced by BlynkTimer. BlynkTimer is also available for Linux and Particle
    • virtualWrite with double now sends 6 decimal digits
    • Arduino IDE: added Example Builder tool
    • Fixed ButtonInterrupt example
    • All examples updated
  • Internal updates:

Full list of supported hardware is here

Grab the update here:

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@vshymanskyy is the syntax for BlynkTimer the same as SimpleTimer?

Exactly. It is the same SimpleTimer.

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doubles are to 6 decimal places?

@Dave1829 sure

ok, was only 3 decimal places in previous library (dunno which one it was though!)
I’ll add rounding in my code…
Edit: nope i just use “labelled value” widget and resize it small!

what is the “Generic Arduino Client examples” used for compared to normal ESp8266 or Arduino examples?


  1. Gives you full manual control of the connection.
  2. Provides a sensible way to integrate new hardware, that was not supported by Blynk out-of-the-box.

So in the Documents it is called BlynkTimer… but you are saying that instead of using something like #include <BlynkTimer.h> we just keep using #include <SimpleTimer.h>?

How does that work if we also use the SimpleTimer library in non-Blynk sketches… did you replace it (but call it the same thing) or merge something new into the original?

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You don’t need to include anything, just use it.
If SimpleTimer.h header is included, it will either get ignored (BlynkTimer will be actually used) or emit a warning that you should move to BlynkTimer (for specific cases).

This is made for compatibility reasons.
BTW, documentation is updated.

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hi i see in the documentation…
"BlynkTimer enables you to perform periodic actions in the main loop() context.
It is the same as widely used SimpleTimer, but fixes several issues."

…can you explain which issues its fixes that the current SimpleTimer introduces ? Would be good to know as SimpleTimer is used so ubiquitously


@vshymanskyy Hi - just seeing if you had a chance to review my previous post (re: BlynkTimer) as I know you are very busy and may have missed it. kind regards mars

@mars, nothing special, critical fixes like crash on Intel Edison/Curie… BTW library is open source, and not cursed in any way - so you can just compare the sources…

cool thank you.