Blynk library problem with SIM800

i got a problem with this library
BlynkSimpleSIM800.h: No such file or directory
Can anyone help me ? :frowning:

If you look at the examples in the Arduino IDE…

File > Examples > Blynk > Boards_GSM > TinyGSM_SIM800_SIM900

then you’ll see the current code example for using a SIM800 board. This requires the TinyGSM library to be installed, which can be done from within the IDE using Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries.


Thank you for reply
But im just confused that it is a latest update of this library or another library

The Blynk Sketch Builder hasn’t been updated for a while.


Hello sir. I had faced the same issue. Even after installing TinyGSM v0.11.3, the same error still happened.