Blynk library do not work for esp8266

Hi there, i want to make a multimeter for experiment of circuit…
then i’m planning to send my data from the experiment(current, voltage, temperature) to arduino by bluetooth and computing that data.
afterthen display and save that data for blynk by wifi or wer server…

so my question is

  1. i want to computing the current, voltage to resistance (Ohm’s law) and resistant, temperature to temperature constant. can i compute that for arduino?
  2. and my arduino ide have error when i comfile the example of blynk. i think they can’t recognize the <ESP8266.h> with compilation terminated. but i download that library,… and i don’t know how to solve that problem…
  3. how to save that data i said? it’s ok for form of table.
  4. and is it impossible for changing x-axis of superchart to other variance?

thank you

  1. Yes it’s possible
  2. If you do not post the compile log … it’s hard to imagine what is happening
  3. You can use different widgets: chart, table, terminal… or even mail it, notify, tweet it…
  4. With limitations but yes, i think you can do what you want.
  1. Google… Not Blynk specific.

  2. Try another example… preferably from current options in the Sketch builder.

  3. Table Widget, SD card, webhook, terminal Widget…

  4. Not sure exactly what you need…

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oh thank you! i think i have to try bluetooth first… and then i’ll come back!

i think i have to study about terminal then… thank you

Terminal Widget is very easy…

And you can send data to it even easier with a normal Blynk.virtualWrite(vPin, stringData) command