Blynk Legacy Login Not Working

Need some Help Please!!! Want to know if it possible to recover an old account as Blynk Legacy does not recognizes my login details just need to recover old Projects Tokens As i no longer have the original device i used to use The App With

If you haven’t used your legacy account for some time (usually 6+ months) then the account will be deleted from the server to save space and comply with GDPR requirements.
That’s probably why your login details aren’t recognised.
If that’s what’s happened then your projects and corresponding auth tokens, plus any historical data will have been permanently deleted.


Okay Thank You Very much, If i read correctly one can not reregister on the old Blynk Legacy ?

New account registration is closed for Blynk Legacy, as the servers will be decommissioned at some point the future and Blynk need to prevent new projects from being created.