Blynk legacy local server IP question

i have the same blynk.log and my server local blynk is successffuly started but on the cmd it doesn’t give me the adress ip of my server0.15.2 .
i need for the @ ip to connect on my app blynk
any help please

Comment connaître l’adresse IP du mon serveur local

@khawla you’ve asked the same question on two different topics, neither of which are connected with your question, so I’ve moved both posts to this new topic.

What type of machine are you running your local server on, and what operating system is it running under?

How did you access that machine to install and start your local server?

Are you only wanting to use the Blynk app when the phone/tablet that it’s running on is connected to the same network as your server?

If not, do you have a static public IP address?


Thanks a lot first .
I have a smartphone Android and an app Android on blynk that i want to connect to my local serveur .
My SE is Windows 7 .
I didn’t interstand thé 2nd question

Run ipconfig on your Windows machine to find its IP address.


IP config give me the IP adresse of my pc not of my local serveur0.15.2 !
Also when i make it into thé app and i make port of server ,app can not connect to thé server

If your PC has one network adapter and the local server is running on the PC then the IP address of the PC and the server are the same.


This IS the result of ipconfig ,i try with this 2 ipv4 adresse but same result app can not connect to server .
How Can i find my local server adress

It would be far better if you copied and pasted the data from the command window rather than posting a screenshot which shows only part of the information.

Are you able to access and log in to the Blynk server admin screen?

What settings are you using when you enter the custom server parameters in the app?

Is your phone/tablet connected to your WiFi when you’re doing this?

Are you certain that your local server is actually running? If so, how do you know this?


Ipconfig résultas:
Ipv4 of suffixe DNS :
Ipv4 of host.only network :
I can’t Access in to thé blynk server admin screen because in server .properties i didn’t found the URL . . . ./admin .
The parameters of the app : the IP of PC and port app of server.
Yes my phone IS connected to wifi .
Yes my local server IS succesuffuly running because in the cmd it shows :blynk server succesuffuly starter .
All folder output IS storted in folder in :c/blynk server/logs .file

Ther’s much more than that visible in your screenshot, and the scroll bars in the CMD window tells me that there is more than information that can’t be seen.

I have no idea what this means.


Your server log should show you the local host IP address when you start the server.


Server log file youm mean!