Blynk Legacy How long will it be maintained?

I created an account with an old version of Blynk in the past. And I do buy more energy from the Blynk app. So I want to ask how long will the old Blynk app keep working?

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I don’t know exactly when blynk legacy will be out of service, but definitely it’s not far. Soon blynk legacy will stop working and will be removed from the play store as well.
I think you should move with the flow and start using the blymk iot instead.


Blynk had originally said 6 months, which would mean December this year, but now they say they have no plans for when it will be removed.
New Blynk legacy account registrations will be disabled soon, and after that the legacy app will be removed from the app and play stores.

I’d recommend that you migrate to Blynk IoT sooner rather than later.


Already disabled.

The servers will still continue working as there are many active devices. But that’s not gonna last forever. We’ll make a decision based on the active number of devices.

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The accounts they signed up with Blynk and buy energy from Blynk. If their phone has been reset to factory settings, if they want to download the app again to use it, it won’t be able to download it anymore. So who wants to use Blynk’s services anymore

Not so much of an issue with Android, as you can download the APK, but a bigger issue for iOS users.

But, Blynk have been telling people about this for a long time, and giving Legacy users an incentive to upgrade to Blynk IoT.


But currently Blynk IoT is not complete. And its price is too high. If making commercial products, it is impossible to compete with products from China, while the features are not better than them, their products are easy to register and easy to use, beautiful interface.

Commercial use of Blynk Legacy was far higher than Blynk IoT.


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That’s not true, of course. You can download the app and log in.

What features you would like to have?

Comparing to what? Please show alternative prices of the similar products so we can compare.

Creating a new device must be done on the Web, not on the phone like before

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What about local server users ? I need to create new accounts using my own local server ? what can I do ?

The most important feature for me with the legacy version was being able to work offline, as most of my projects CANNOT rely on cloud servers or internet access. The simple fact that blynk 2.0 uses cloud server is the reason i can’t migrate to it.

I wouldn’t even need the app if i was able to generate tokens without the phone, so technically if it was possible, keeping the app up to date and in the app stores would not be necessary.

Any suggestions ?

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@fredodupoux you can specify offline functionality in the sketch, so you will be able to control your devices without internet connection.

I guess that you’re talking about the fact that the app now prevents new user account creation?
I’ve not tried using the legacy local server since this app update, but you could always use the login, and you can specify a different admin account name in the file, or you can manually clone the user file and give it a different name, and log in to the app with those credentials.


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I have used and tried many Chinese devices. Personally, these are the two prominent players: and

Many Chinese devices are integrated(Built-in) with these two. Tuya has more components and UI to use and faster to launch function then eWelink and they have more partners and devices.

Regarding pro and cons and comparison with Blynk, I have no comment yet.

Available Widgets on web dashboard. There are only handful of them, not all widgets are yet implemented. Alexa n Google Assistant. N much more. Cannot remember all at this moment.

Most importantly plenty of documentations missing for widgets.

I can remember a game called push it down

It is funny but my mind is co relating : like

Even before BlynkIoT is yet to mature/evolve completely, we are being pushed down😅… with many restrictions and subscription changes.

What happens once everything settles down :face_with_monocle:
I am afraid already.

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In my opinion, Blynk should continue Blynk Legacy. Here are the reasons:
The first is that Blynk Legacy is very stable, and there are too many applications using it.
Blynk should allow customers to choose which version is appropriate for their application.
Blynk should allow the creation of new accounts. However each new account will have no enegy at all. Must buy more enegy to use.
That is my opinion.
Thank you for listening!


@GarudaOne How about pricing plan comparison (In particular for commercial products)? Any comments about that since you’ve worked with these competitors?

I don’t have an elaborate detail on this. As far as I know, both Tuya and eWelink required big one time investment so if you have many devices, it’s cheaper. Regarding available features, Tuya has more feature than eWelink.

I would recommend that you keep Blynk legacy with the same annual fees as the Blynkiot.
For us simple users feels much more easy to use and it has everything we need.
I’m willing to pay the cash because it’s so user friendly. You should rethink. As you said @Dmitriy, who are you going to compare with? My answer is of course Arduino. About the same in everything.

Kind regards