Blynk Legacy - Account Password Recovery

I´m facing problems trying to recover the password from an account I opened for test in Blynk Legacy App.
I filled the e-mail of the account and app returned that password recovery e-mail was sent but there is nothing in my inbox.
This service was interrupted?
I´m trying to test migration for New Blynk.

Have you checked your junk mail?


Yes, @PeteKnight .
I tried many times with no success.

According to the documentation

No email received

What could be the reason:

you entered an incorrect email address
the letter got into the spam folder
email server issues

What’s the solution:

specify correct email address
check your spam folder
contact you mail server administrator

Already checked.
Blynk Legacy app return that reset password email was sent.
Account email is correct.

So you used a blynk legacy account to test blynk iot, and now you can’t login to legacy right ?

I just can´t recover password from my account on Blynk Legacy.
Server is not sending e-mail to change password.

Will if you want my advice, I think it’s time to move to blynk iot. Blynk legacy will be retired some day, just move with the flow buddy.