Blynk lamps with Remote (IR)

Please tell me how to make a program to blynks lamps by IR. Thx.

The site doesn’t work like that.

What happens is you test the “5 minute Blynk set up”, you decide it’s the best IOT system you have seen so you read all the documentation, try out a good sample of the examples and have a pre Blynk sketch available that works for your project.

You then try to convert it to a Blynk sketch from everything you have learnt. Normally that will work for the big majority of Blynkers.

If it doesn’t you prepare a detailed post on the site stating all your hardware, software, tests you have carried out, results you got and what you expected together with your formatted sketch.

If you present all this info a kind Blynker might help you.

Oh i see. But in facts, I’m a newbie in Arduino. And I’m only a SHS student that interested to Arduino. I’ve search and try to make my own program but it doesn’t work

@Yehuda there is very little that is new when it comes to Arduino. If you want to do it you can be 99% sure it has been done before. Ask Google to give you the IR sketch, they are very accommodating with this sort of thing.

@Costas Can i get the key word? I’ve looking for it for 2 days

When I am using big G I try to be as descriptive as possible. It is a powerful system but the 'net is enormous so you have to give them a good clue.

Big G doesn’t always like abbreviations like IR so feed it with infrared.

To show you how powerful big G is I just typed “Arduino inf” without the inverted commas and it brought up a whole host of interesting stuff.

@costas ok then I’ll try it. Thx for your help