Blynk IOT: Not always receiving push notifications

I’m not always receiving push notifications of events on my phone while there should be, the notification s/events are working because i can see them on the timeline.
Hardware/software: Siemens LOGO 8 → Node-Red(Blynk IOT node) on RPi → Blynk
I’m using app 1.3.3. on android 11. The events are triggered from Node-Red by sending API via http requests.
This morning my pond got automatically filled because of low waterlevel sensors, this was 11:52:35AM. In this case i got the push notification on my phone, as it should be.
For some reason the filling stopped falsely on 11:53:19AM, also got the push message there.
On 11:55:09AM the filling was started again by the LOGO, this time no push notification but the notification is visible on the timeline
On 12:52:30PM the waterlevel was high and filling stopped, also no push notification but visible on the timeline.

App open or not doesn’t seem to matter…

See attached pictures.

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I have the same problem. When I originally set it up it was working but a week later the problem I have is exactly as you explain.

Hi guys,
I was looking for issue related to fail when trying to push events with API and I saw this trhead.
@bazzio I see in your last screenshot

that “Limit period” is set to 1h, so should be that you’ll not receive the same notification more than 1 time per h, and indeed seems that both the 2nd events were within 1h from the 1st notification.

Here how Blynk explain:

Limits number of notifications to one notification for a specified time period.
Example : 1hr 20min range means end-users will only get one notification within 1 hour 20 minutes even if hardware or API sends more.

Sadly can’t be turned of this limit (apprently) :frowning: but you can reduce up to 1min.

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Keep in mind that you’re allowed to send 100 events per device per day so the limit period can be extremely useful in some cases to avoid exceeding the daily limits


Hi, @bazzio. Probably it’s a confusion connected with Notification limit in your event settings as it shown on your screenshots as you may already knew from other comments. Push notifications are tested and checked, work fine. I recommend you to change the limit to 1 notification/minute and re-test your flow. Thank you and good luck with blynk.

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@Dmitriy_Bazhenov Thanks… already forgot this topic… I will change the setting to 1 minute.