Blynk different from Web Dash Board

Hey guys !

That must be a stupid question but well …
I am just following the quickstart tutorial and everything was OK.
The button on the app or the one in the dashboard was responding, giving a 1 value to the switch value widget.
Then I have tried to add a slider widget and a slider value widget. Using other virtual pins and uploading my code on my ESP8266, everythin is OK in the dashboard. I can move the slider from 0 to 1 and it gives the proper value to the slider value widget.

But there is no slider and slider value widget in my app. And no matter how much widgets I add on the dashboard, the app doesnt seems to be just like the web dashboard. Is there something I need to do to get the app and the dashboard always sync ?

Thanks a lot !

The widgets that you add to your web dashboard don’t automatically appear on your app dashboard, and vice versa.

The two dashboards are often used for different purposes, and the range of app widgets is much greater than the current range of web dashboard widgets, so ‘synchronisation’ would be be possible anyway.


Great !
And thank you Pete, as always.

As far you are concerned, do you recommand dashboard or the app ?

I recommend using both the web dashboard and the app dashboard.

The app dashboard is the more sophisticated at the moment, as it has a wider range of widgets. It also has the advantage that it’s always with you in your pocket.

The web dashboard has the advantage that it’s accessible when you’re sat st your PC, and I generally tend to use it to give an overview of the data from my devices.

It really depends on your project, your working methods and what it is that you’re trying to achieve, but generally the two dashboards can compliment each other.