Blynk IoT (2.0) Device Name Anomaly


While migrating multiple Blynk Legacy projects to Blynk IoT (2.0) I noticed an anomaly (bug?) when you create a new device from a previously created template.

In my example below I am using a template - BME280 Sensors ESP8266 (I need a separate template for each type of hardware, because Blynk IoT doesn’t allow different hardware types on the same template, even though Blynk Legacy did . . . but that’s another issue) - any way the template ID is BME280 Sensors ESP8266.

When I create a new device, and select the BME280 Sensors ESP8266 template, I then assign a unique name to the DEVICE - in this case “New Test Device”

Screenshot 2022-12-29 192359

When I click create, the device is created - but - there is conflicting firmware information created depending on which part of the device dashboard you look at . . .

Immediately after you create the device there is a pop-up with the correct BLYNK_DEVICE_NAME (ie the one I just assigned - New Test Device:

However if you click the Device Info tab the firmware configuration information is different. It does not include the device name, it actually includes the TEMPLATE name (BME280 Sensors ESP8266).

This is wrong.


  1. Any device name created from a template can be assigned to it.
  2. The template id is unique for each template. It will be the same for all devices created from the same template.
  3. Your device name is correct.
  4. auth token is unique for each device

Yes. It’s a bug. However, it doesn’t affect anything. We’ll be fixed soon.