Blynk IoT 2.0 and ESP32 with W5500 ethernet

I was using Blynk 1.0 (legacy) with ESP32 and Wiznet W5500 without problems.
I working fine!!!
But now, using Blynk IoT 2.0, i can´t connect to Blynk server


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With Blynk legacy this configuration works fine, but with new version, don’t;

@ALEXFISHERMAN please edit your post, using the pencil icon at the bottom, and add triple backticks at the beginning and end of your code so that it displays correctly.
Triple backticks look like this:

I’d also suggest that you post both sets of code in full (correctly formatted with triple backticks of course), along with information about what you see in your serial monitor when running the latest code with Blynk IoT.

Information about which Blynk C++ library version you are using would also be useful (which is why you’re asked to provide it when you create a new topic :wink:)



You’ve done some editing of your original post, but you’ve used different characters (which don’t help to fix the formatting) rather than copy/posting the triple backtick examples that I provided.

Please try again.

You also seem to have ignored the rest of my advice as well, which is just going to mean it takes longer to get to a solution.


HI, i wrote only relevant part of code. Original code has almost 2500 lines.
What i must to know:

  1. Is necessary/mandatory to configure web dashboard to work? I didn’t configure it. Only create a template for that device, using same virtual pins i’m using now with legacy Blynk.
  2. I saw that users are using devices with WiFi at most times… I use wired ethernet only.
    Is this a problem?

At serial port it shows nothing about Blynk messages…


Must be on the top of your sketch, the first lines.” is the old blynk server, the new blynk server is “”

also, Blynk doesn’t require any non-standard ports.
port 443 is used for TLS connections, and port 80 is used for plain connections.

I had changed to:
Blynk.config(auth,“", 8080);

Then blynks goes online. But, i can´t see it online on blynk console…

Sorry, version 2.0 works different from legacy?

Using my own timers on sketch, every 30 seconds, it send something like:


This work like this?

it’s like this

Blynk.config(auth,“”, 80);

Excellent my friend.
Working now.
Thanks a lot

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Hi Alex, John,

I’m struggling for a few day now already to get my ESP32 WROOM 32 + W5500 online and up and running in Blynk…
So far I was able to get an ipaddress from my DHCP and the current time from an NTP server…but that’s about it.

Can you share you code please that you use (and maybe also the pins you used to connect the W5500)


I found it!!!

Using the post of: Connect Blynk via WiFi and switch to Ethernet if WiFi is disconnected

and a lot of glue!!! But I got it connected!!! :slight_smile: :partying_face: