Blynk iOS App

I have an issue with the iOS app version 3.5.1(0) that is on the server ny3. I am on the Plus plan.
In the app and logged in the Admin role, the buttons used are visible and work as intended along with the inputs from my ESP8266s (temperatures, sump pump water level, etc).
However when I log in as the Staff (aka my wife), the buttons are grayed out and the inputs (temperatures, sump pump water level, etc) works. This occurs on both of our iPhones (14 and 13) with iOS version 3.5.1(0).
The is happening on at least three on my devices and three templates.
I looked at the Staff member device log and the buttons were working on March 3, 2023 (yea, she doesn’t use Blynk often).
I added another button and slider, with and without a datastream, and they were greyed out when signed in as Staff, but active when signed in as an Admin.

Hello @BianchiRider , please edit your post. You didn’t describe your problem.

Please attach a screenshot if possible. And what widgets?

Admin screen

Staff screen

Widgets are the Button. But it did the same thing for a Slider and Switch.
When the buttons are greyed out, they do not work.

Hi @BianchiRider

Are there places where your firmware sends “isDasabled” property for widgets?
Please turn on logging in System Settings → Blynk, reopen the device dashboard, make a screenshot, and send us logs with screenshot to check. You can send us logs from About screen from within the app.

@BianchiRider Actually please double check that Staff role has a “Control devices” permission. You can check this in Web Console in Settings → Roles and permissions

In the App I went to about/send logs and sent you the email.
I don’t use any “isDasabled” commands in the firmware.
I am on the Plus plan so I have no control in Roles and Permissions. I do see under Owned Devices that Staff has control.
When looking at the Console under Devices the Staff doesn’t own any devices, just Admin. Is that the problem ?

Since they don’t own the device, please check the “Control devices” permission for organization devices.

As a follow up I assigned the Staff as the Owner and the control widgets work for the Staff and Admin.
Thank you for your help.