Blynk installation

is the blynk server work using the internet only, i mean we cant control the aurduino by using blynk server without internet

You can use it without internet.

so we can use it with wifi

and is there a shipping for it to palestine

You need to supply hardware, blynk is software to download… So you do need internet for that…

@bhaa Blynk provides 2 different operating modes. The first is access to your hardware (Arduinos etc) via a cloud internet connection. This is probably the easiest system but does require an internet connection.

The second operating mode is to install the Blynk server software on a machine local to you (or on your own cloud server somewhere on the internet). With this operating mode you can use your local WiFi to control your hardware. The server software will run on almost any computer, even the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero’s.

Do you already have Arduinos as personally I think there is better hardware available these days for most projects?

Perhaps if you describe your ‘project’ Blynkers can advise the best route to go.

i want to control my home by using the smart phone but i don’t have internet connection all the time.
so you telling me that the blynk is just a software’ what about blynk server

Do you want to control your home when you are at home, when you are away from home or both?

What sort of things would you like to control around the home (aircon perhaps in Palestine)?

Do you have experience programming Arduino like devices?

i have experience in pic18 but i will learn aurduino controlling languag its not so hard
and i want to control all the devices at home and lightning this is not problem
but are you telling me that blynk is just a program because i saw blynk server at the internet

Blynk with their US partner Sparkfun do provide hardware but it is not a server it is an Arduino like device with embedded WiFi, see for details.

If you just want to control your devices whilst you are at home you wouldn’t need to use Blynk’s cloud server and you would need to deploy a local server.

Yes basically Blynk provides software and you provide the hardware for home automation.

so i can use aurduino with local server and control it by using blynk software without using internet

That is right @bhaa it uses the WiFi / LAN / Bluetooth in your home without the need for an internet connection.

Blynk has an open source Java (Netty) based server. It is the same as the cloud service, but you can run the Java installation on basically anything else that can handle Java. Wether it be Mac OS, Windows, Synogoly, RasPi, whatever you want :slight_smile:

I myself run a local installation of the Blynk Server on a Raspberry Pi and that works very good, even with my slow, old Raspberry.

is the SparkFun Blynk Board - ESP8266 enough to do my project or i need a server
because you told me it embedded with wifi

@bhaa if you were going to control your home appliances then the Sparkfun board would be enough apart from various sensors or relays that you would need to attach the board.

If you are not going to use the internet then in addition to the board you would need a “computer” running the Blynk local server software. You may already have a machine that can act as your local server.

i need to know what the hardware needed to do my project , forget the sensors and relays.
i just want to know what shall i buy with the aurduino in order to controll the aurduino by using galaxy
and through wifi

an actually i dont know what do you mean of local server can you send me data sheet for one
or photo

There are three components involved in Blynk:

  1. The Fabulous App on the SmartPhone
  2. The Hardware you want to control (Arduino, or whatever)
  3. The Blynk Server

This last component can either be in the Cloud via Internet OR you can install it locally on a computer or basically anything that will run Java. A Raspberry Pi, a Synology NAS, a Windows box, Linux, Mac OS X, whatever you want.

If you host this service local you have full control of it, e.g. allow access from the internet or only from your home wifi network. It’s all up to you.

@bhaa my advice would be to forget Arduinos and but something like a WeMos D1 Mini for $4 including delivery from China. Or maybe the full size WeMos D1. They are much more powerful than Arduinos and have built in WiFi. They are a little limited as far as pins are concerned (1 analogue and around 8 usable digital pins) but Blynk provides an extra 128 virtual pins so that helps. It is easier to add more pins to a WeMos with multiplexers etc than add WiFi to your Arduino.

The WeMos shop is at and the product details for the Mini are at

If you really wanted to make your life difficult you could buy an ESP-01 for around $2 and wire that up to an Arduino to provide WiFi access. I’m not going to provide a link to the ESP-01 as they inferior to the WeMos and by the time you have added extra components required for an ESP-01 to work it just isn’t worth it in my opinion.

WeMos runs at 3.3V rather than the 5V that most Arduinos run at but there are lots of sensors that work fine at 3.3V (we have PIR, RF and Temperature sensors hooked up to our WeMos project).

For local server study The local server is some basic hardware that you would need to buy and the most basic is the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero.

You mentioned that you don’t always have internet access is that because you don’t have a ‘broadband’ line in your property? The reason I ask is that I use Blynk’s cloud server which means I can control devices when I am at home AND when I am away from home and you don’t need the local server hardware.

For some people they prefer to have their own local hardware but I prefer the techies at Blynk to take care of that with their cloud server.

so i need aurduino and raspbari pi as a hardware