Blynk inject

Is there a way to do what blynk inject does for the developer version? I’m just starting out on a project and don’t have the funds to take the paid version just yet.

Run a local server and you get everything for free :slight_smile:

Yes. You can test your firmware for Blynk.inject workflow (e.g. device provisioning) by creating an app preview from within the Blynk app. No need to pay before your product is ready. More info here:

But then @Dmitriy eats less and works slower :stuck_out_tongue: we will never get all our requests that way :smile:


the fantastic @Gunner
I can;t agreed more…!

You don’t need a local server for that.

Please can you eleborate your comment ‘you don’t need local server for that’
I want to add blynk inject capabilities to my project, to test the app commercialy.
Please can you suggest a way to add the inject feature in my app, without yet paying for a subscription.


@Omkar_Suryawanshi This is a year old topic… things change :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It appears Blynk is pursuing a commercial aspect along with the “free” developer side, so as that progresses it makes sense that certain beta aspects would change as developed and be made available for subscription based Apps only. This may be one of those.

You have already created a current topic about this, so please do not keep asking the same questions in other, older, topics.

Thank you.

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