Blynk Inject, Faces, R and Air features on local server


This is my first time posting on this forum.
Blynk is an excellent platform for iot enthusiasts.
I have created a couple of apps using blynk and my hardware-software integration is working as expected.
Now im planning to do a field testing of the product with some of my existing customers.
I want to test the blynk inject feature (with dynamic auth token provisioning), blynk faces and blynk R.
Im planning to start a local server for the field testing.

So my question is, are the features like inject, Faces and R available on the local server for free. Or are they only available when we pay the subscription amount.
If the features are available free, can you point me to the right direction on how to include them in the local server.

As I do not have a huge customer base for the product yet, therefore have a hesitation paying the subscription just now.

Please reply on urgent basis if possible.

Thanks in advance.

I know Faces is no longer available in Local Server… but still works just fine for testing with Blynk’s Cloud Server. Energy for the App is not expensive and most of it is renewable anyhow. :slight_smile:

As our pricing page suggests, all these features are only available for commercial use under subscription plans: - scroll down for a comparison chart

It’s not available on local server.