Blynk image gallery widget can't load image from this URL

Hi, I am a college student working on this project, so I am relatively new to this. I am doing a project following this tutorial: ESP32-CAM Motion Sensor Security Camera with Notification using Blynk - DIY Home surveillance system - YouTube. After trying this tutorial, initially the code was able to run as expected in my ESP32-CAM. After a few tries, I realized my Blynk app image gallery widget cannot display or access to the image URL I have taken. This is the screenshot of the error:

The code I am using for setting the property for Blynk is this:

> Blynk.setProperty(V1, "urls", "http://"+local_IP+"/capture?_cb="+(String)randomNum);

Is there any solution for this? Thanks in advance!

I’ve asked a question about this in the other post that you made.

Please pick one location to have a conversation about this and let me know which topic that is, and I’ll tidy-up your posts into that one location.


Yes, @PeteKnight please continue the discussion here. Regarding to your question, I have paste the image url into a browser, but nothing comes up. It says site cannot be reached

If you launch a browser on your phone and paste the URL from the Blynk app into the browser address bar does the image display?


Yes, I tried that but it doesn’t work. This thread is probably old so perhaps you would like to continue in the new topic I created? Blynk image gallery widget can't load image from this URL

That’s the problem that you need to focus on.
If the device can’t resolve the URL then the Blynk app can’t either.


Ok, I managed to fix it, but I am not sure whether this is a permanent or temporary fix. In my code, I specified the SSID and password as my home WiFi and password. I changed the SSID and password to my mobile hotspot, so it can work now. I think this could probably due to certain security setting or configuration of the home wifi router.