Blynk, IFTTT and GET method

My blynk app and hardware is working great. I get the temperature from my arduino temp probe to be displayed on the blynk app. I would like to use IFTTT to trig when I say to Google Assistant “Pooltemperature”, and it should return the pool temperature by saying it back.

I have seen a lot of IFTTT examples, but they all use the method “PUT”. I would like to use the “GET”, as I would like to get the pool temperature, not set it.

How do I do this?

The GET method can actually be used to get and put data, so should be your standard API method with Blynk.
I’m surprised when you say that all the examples you’ve seen use the PUT method. You obviously haven’t come across any of my IFTTT posts.

The API documentation is here:

The thing to be aware of is that if you’re using the Blynk cloud servers then your Blynk project only exists on one of the three worldwide servers. When you connect normally, some clever stuff is done with DNS to ensure that no matter where you are in the worlds you hit the correct server.
The API doesn’t work that way, and the IFTTT server(s?) could be anywhere in the world, so if you put in your IFTTT recipe it most likely won’t resolve the correct server. An ‘invalid token’ result will actually be returned by the API, but you won’t see this normally.
The solution is to ping your PC and use the resulting IP address in your IFTTT recipe.

You should also put the entire API GET statement in the top box of the
IFTTT recipe.


Nice. Will it work with virtual pins too? The pool temperatur is on V1. What should I put in the “body” field to get the Google assistant to say the temperature?

(Sorry, I an not so familiar with all this api, json and stuff).


I’ve no idea, I use Amazon Alexa.