Blynk HTTP multiple datastreams

Hi, I’m using Pico W with HTTP to update datastreams to Blynk, Arduino IDE. One datastream works ok, but when I add a second (v1) it only updates the first. Snippet of my code, with i a simpple counter and led 1 or 0:
if (client.connect(host, port)) {
sprintf(s, “GET /external/api/update?token=%s&V0=%d&V1=%d HTTP/1.1\n”, BLYNK_AUTH_TOKEN, i, led);
Thanks for any help!

@BasJPD when you post code to the forum you need to use triple backticks which look like this:

Not the characters that you used.

You’re missing the batch keyword between api\ and update?


Thank you very much, now it works!
I consulted the documentation for get multiple datastreams: