Blynk HTTP Api - Add and Write value to table row


I’ve read on this site how to get and write value for a widget.

For the value widget/button widget, it’s worked no problem.

But when i trying to add new row and write the value using HTTP Api.
(the right code is:

Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, "add", rowIndex, "My Event", "My Value");


Do you know how i can do it?
Thanks in advance!


Hello. New need just to send multiple values in http request.


@Dmitriy thank you, it works now.

Just another question!
Hope you can give a instruction.

In nodejs, how we do to add a row like in C?
Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, "add", rowIndex, "My Event", "MyValue");

It’s worked when i tried this code
V2.on('write', function() { V1.write('clr');});

but not this one:
V1.write("add",rowIndex, "My Event", "MyValue");
V2.on('write', function() {V1.write("add",rowIndex, "My Event", "MyValue");})

I don’t know what is wrong here.

I found the solution, to add row in nodejs:

V1.write(["add",rowIndex,"My Event","MyValue"]);