Blynk goes offline for about one week every day

Blynk goes offline for about one week every day at the same time for about 2 hours(22h - 0h). The code works fine since one year. I have not changed anything. WiFi works also.

Have anybody ideas? Sorry for my english.

Maybe something to do with when your router renews DHCP leases?

Or is something else happening on your network at that time (PC backing-up to a cloud service and taking all the available bandwidth)?


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The network works fine. Upstream and downstream speed are not limited. In a tool(Fing) I can see the two NodeMCU in the local network. The IP addresses do not change, but Blynk is offline for these two hours (from 22:00 to 0:00). If my router would cause the problem, then it would not work on my mobile phone and my computer either.

If the two NodeMCUs are still visible on the local network when Blynk is offline (between 22:00 and 0:00) then it’s either a Router/ISP issue or something you’re doing in your code.


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Maybe you could post your code so that we can check it out (don’t forget to remove your Auth Token before posting)

what happens when you ping the server between 0h and 2h ?
are you using blynk server or local one ?

I’m using the Blynk server. Ping worked without packet loss. The router’s doing some magic, I suppose. But I don’t understand why only the NodeMCUs are affected.

Something went wrong in your sketch, else I don’t know the reason why.

I have reset the router to factory settings. It’s finally works again. Thanks you guys! I didn’t think that the router could do such weird things. . .


That’s good to hear :slightly_smiling_face: