Blynk goes offline after 10 sec

New user.
Trying to set up communication using CC3000 breakout on an Arduino Uno board.
Blynk library 1.1.0 used
I have updated to CC3000 Firmware 1.14.
I am able to connect using the Blynk CC3000 example code modified with my template, device and token details.
It is connecting fine, but drops offline after 10 seconds.
Sometimes it reconnects after a while, but not more than 2-3 times.
After that it goes to “sleep”, nothing happens.

Wiring is as follows:
VBEN to Digital 5
IRQ to Digital 3
CLK to Digital 13
MISO to Digital 12
MOSI to Digital 11
CS to Digital 10

Any suggestions?

Code below:

#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial

#define BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
#define BLYNK_AUTH_TOKEN "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

#define ADAFRUIT_CC3000_IRQ 3
#define ADAFRUIT_CC3000_VBAT 5 // on the breakout it says VBEN
#define ADAFRUIT_CC3000_CS 10

#include <SPI.h>
#include <Adafruit_CC3000.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleCC3000.h>

char auth[] = BLYNK_AUTH_TOKEN;
char ssid[] = "xxxxxxxxxxxx";
char pass[] = "xxxxxxxxxx";
int wifi_sec = WLAN_SEC_WPA2
void setup()

Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass, wifi_sec);
void loop()

Please edit your post, and add triple backticks ``` before and after your whole sketch.

It would probably be useful if you stated which board you are using this breakout board with, show exactly how you’ve wired the board to the breakout board, explain which board type you’ve selected in the IDE, explain which Blynk library version you are using, and share the serial monitor output.

When you post the serial monitor output copy the text from the serial monitor and paste it between triple backticks in the same way you did with your sketch.


I’ll run it again tomorrow to get the serial monitor details.
Getting late here in Sweden :wink:

Serial output below:

[2614] Connecting to Leifs Wi-Fi-network
[15826] Getting IP...
[25244] IP: 192.XXX.XXX.X
[25245] GW: 192.YYY.YYY.Y
[25245] DNS:
    ___  __          __
   / _ )/ /_ _____  / /__
  / _  / / // / _ \/  '_/
 /____/_/\_, /_//_/_/\_\
        /___/ v1.1.0 on Arduino Uno


[25469] Looking for
[25515] Connecting to
[25614] Ready (ping: 32ms).

I think I have provided all you asked for.
Any ideas on what the problem might be?
I was looking into Blynk to make life a bit easier after having struggled a bit with Xcode.

Why are you using this particular module?
I would choose a more commonly used module like the esp-01 instead, which is also way cheaper than the cc3000, or switch the hardware to nodemcu or esp32, which is the best approach.

Really? Does your serial output answer all of these questions?


Hi, I had a CC3000 laying around and planned to try working with that to see how Blink would work for me. Might upgrade if it turns out to be useful, but at this time I am not getting anywhere…

I’ll try again.

Board used is Arduino Uno.

Wiring is as follows:
VBEN to Digital 5
IRQ to Digital 3
CLK to Digital 13
MISO to Digital 12
MOSI to Digital 11
CS to Digital 10

Board type selected in the IDE is Arduino Uno.

Blynk library 1.1.0 and the example file for the CC3000 is used.

Please advise if there is anything missing.


Have you tried it with a non-Blynk sketch ?

Yes, I have used it in other projects based on sketches from the Adafruit CC3000 library, with good result.

My fellow Blynkers, please STOP whatever you’re doing right NOW and help this man!

He’s a fellow swede for Christ sake! With him, me, and the-not-so-very-active @Fettkeewl & @Jonaa I can see :sweden: members reaching double digits in no time! :smiley:

Hej Leif och välkommen till Blynk! :slight_smile:

I understand why you don’t want to spend money on new hardware for a simple starter project when your old junk should work. I myself love junk, and are always trying to reuse whatever is laying around. But sometimes… it just doesn’t!

If you search the forum you will find that the CC3000 have caused a lot of headaches over the years, but few success stories. Bad libraries, bad sketches, bad hardware, who knows?! It’s just simply “Blynk unfriendly”!

An ESP-01 doesn’t cost more than (SEK) 99:90 from Even if you later on decide that Blynk wasn’t what you hoped for, I’m sure you will find the ESP-01 useful in other projects.

Lycka till! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advise.
No one seems to have spotted anything obviously wrong in my data, so it could be the CC3000 as you say.
Ha en bra helg!

Did you get an ESP to get your project going?


I did get an ESP-01 but I have not come around to use it yet.
There is an abundance of tutorials on the net for various purposes.
Do you have any recommended tutorial for use of the ESP with Blynk?

Searching the forum will be a good start.

This should help you to avoid some of the basic mistakes when setting-up the communication between the board and the ESP-01.

Some wiring diagrams on the net advocate the use of resistors or voltage dividers to convert the 3.3 and 5v logic levels, but in my experience this isn’t necessary.


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Why didn’t you do this write-up a couple of years ago, before i fried my ESP-01? :rofl:

:fire: :rofl: :rofl: