Blynk Global Server HELP!

Дорогие участники форума, я только вступил в это сообщество Блинкеров, и мне нужна ваша помощь, я хочу запустить сервер Блинк дома, но с возможностью управления своими устройствами из любой точки мира где есть интернет. Как мне это сделать? Кто мне может помочь?

P.S. в распоряжении есть ПК с доступом в интернет, могу поставить на него любую операционную систему

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Dear forum members, I just joined this Blinker community, and I need your help, I want to run the Blink server at home, but with the ability to control my devices from anywhere in the world where there is Internet. How should I do it? Who can help me?

P.S. I have a PC with Internet access, I can install any operating system on it

You can only run the Legacy version of Blynk locally, and as the Legacy apps have now been removed from the App/Play stores you’ll need to find a way to install them on your phone.

To answer your question, you’ll either need a static public IP or a DDNS service along with an updater client running within your home network.
You’ll then need to set-up port forwarding in your home router to forward port 9443 to your Legacy local server.
You then need to configure your legacy app to use a custom server, and point it towards a either your static public IP address or the url of your DDNS service, and port 9443.


And so, how can I install it to my computer? I need an instruction for this server

All the information you need regarding installation and configuration of the Legacy local server is here:


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