I know there have been several posts on this but I have a problem that this would be a big help.

I have a set of value widgets that I write the label and value fields. For example I have a date string and notation written into the label line like “Rain 11/29/18” and in the Value Field I write the number of inches. I may write “Wind 11/29/18” and the wind speed in the value field. I do this to save space in the display. I would like to recover the value and the label using BLINK_WRITE so the feature String Label = Blynk.getProperty(V1,“label”); Would be great. Otherwise I need to store the label in another Virtual pin so I can recover it using Blynk.syncAll. Since I am already storing the Unix Time in a Virtual Pin I am using 2 Virtual Pins per item. I could implement this with only 2 Virtual Pins per item one for the Unix Time and one for the Value otherwise I need 3 Virtual Pins. Since I have more that a dozen of these situations this wastes a bunch of Virtual Pins.

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